A ‘Cheers’ to Momma

A ‘Cheers’ to Momma

As mother’s day approaches, people usually take a moment to appreciate their momma.  I’ve always been grateful for mine.  But it wasn’t until I became a mom that I truly understood the sacrifices my mom made for us.

Physically-Carrying new life (or lives in the case of twins) and the subsequent dark circles under the eyes after all the sleepless nights takes a toll on the skin!  

Mentally- It’s hard work to keep up with doctor appointments or even just to try to wrap my brain around how my 3 -year-old “forgot” where the trash can was and decided instead to stuff her strawberry stems in between the couch seat cushions.  

Emotionally- I’ve never known worry like bringing home a baby for the first time or dropping them off on their first day of school.

But because of these sacrifices, moms get an incomparable spiritual reward: there is nothing on this planet like the bond between a mother and her children.  I literally would not be the woman I am, the mother, wife, sister and friend I am, had it not been for the love of my incredibly strong and courageous mother.  Cheers to my mom and all the mommas for their sacrifices everyday.



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