Congrats to the Grads! Now what?

This diploma season I’ve been thinking about those pieces of paper I earned in high school and in college.  Few people know that I got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education. But I’m sure all of you know that I do NOT work in this field.  So what was my diploma good for?  

I’m sure lots of grads are asking themselves this very question right now.  Here’s what I know.  A diploma makes your immigrant parents proud, even if they have no idea what your degree means.  It’s a socially accepted declaration that you followed through and completed something even when it was hard or when you straight up didn’t want it anymore.  

This is what my diploma was good for.  It taught me that I could persevere and overcome life’s difficult moments.  Like when I had to complete my student teaching while being mother to a 6-month-old in city away from where my husband was stationed. I’ve carried this lesson with me and use it still today.  In April, my mother was given a stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis and after her surgery, I became her primary caretaker.  The emotional and physical demands of this change was initially overwhelming.  And I started to think I’d have to let GMK go.  

But, with tons of family support, especially from my husband Salsberry and a renewed inspiration from my diploma, I’m encouraged to pursue my dream more than ever.  My diplomataught me that when I think that all my motivation has been depleted, I still have more hidden deep within me.  This cycle:  starting out full force enthusiastically on an endeavor, slamming hard into life’s unexpected walls, experiencing of moment of inadequacy and discouragement and then finally deciding to continue kicking ass and taking names.  This is who I am.  This is what my piece paper was good for.  And it’s what continues to drive me in everything I do.  


So, what drives you?  I’d love to hear about your cycles, especially you new grads.  And once again, Congrats!

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  • Lily – Love this perspective! A diploma is so much more than just telling the world you are educated in some field! ❤️

    Ashley Montenegro

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