Facial Kit How-To

Did you miss Facial 101 class?  Did you show up late?  Or maybe you sat through the whole class but with all the giggles and mimosas, you’ve already forgotten how to use your GMK Facial Kit.  No worries!  Here’s a quick refresher:

Step 1. Chamomile Cleanser:  Use twice daily (morning and night).

Step 2. Rosemary Scrub:  Use twice a week (don’t forget to scrub your lips as well).

Step 3. Charcoal Mask:  Use once a week.

Step 4.  Rose Water Toner:  Use twice daily (morning or night).

Step 5.  Rose Serum:  Use daily morning and night.

Step 6.  Coffee Infused Eye Serum:  Use nightly.

Step 7.  Spot Treatment:  Use as needed (can be applied several times a day)

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  • How do I use the chamomile cleanser? I don’t think I’m using it correctly.


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