Get Ready to Shine, Timmyz Team!


Hey there, fabulous new members of the Timmyz crew,

I'm here to sprinkle some stardust on your time at Timmyz on Zaragoza! As the proud owner of GMK Esthetics, I'm beyond excited to let you in on a little secret – we've got something pretty special cooking just for you.

So, picture this: Timmyz, your local go-to for all things fun and good vibes. It's where the magic happens, and we know you want to look sharp, stunning, and always on point. Well, that's where I come in, your personal beauty fairy godmother!

At GMK Esthetics, we're all about making you shine, glow, and feel as beautiful as you truly are. We've got an array of fantastic esthetic treatments that'll have you looking and feeling fabulous at all times. From spa days that'll leave you floating on clouds to skincare treatments that'll have your skin radiating with confidence, we've got it all.

And here's the cherry on top: as our beloved Timmyz family, you'll get exclusive discounts on these amazing treatments! Yes, you heard it right! We're here to pamper you like the rockstars you are.

All you need to do is show us that you're actively a part of the Timmyz crew, and these special discounts are all yours. It's our way of saying thank you for being the awesome people who keep the good times rolling at Timmyz on Zaragoza.

I can't wait to meet each and every one of you, to work some beauty magic, and to ensure you look sharp and beautiful at all times. Let's create a bond that's as beautiful as your dazzling selves!

So when you're ready book online and get ready to shine, Timmyz team. We're here to make your beauty dreams come true.

With lots of sparkle and enthusiasm,

Lilly Navarro, GMK Esthetics

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