GMK's Local Support

In my ‘puffy eyes’ blog post, I mentioned that our Coffee Infused Eye serum is infused with Bean Type Roasters coffee beans, a local business.  Arlene from Bean Type devised a plan to suit my needs and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  This is why it’s important to me to support local vendors.  No big-time corporate exec would ever take the time to listen to the individual needs of a customer.  But to a local vendor, I’m more than just a buyer.  I’m a real person, having a real conversation, over some real good coffee.

Since that day with Arlene, the opportunities to partner with local vendors have continued to blossom.  It feels incredible to have so many amazing people supporting GMK’s mission and offering creative ideas to help expand our vision. Here’s an update of all our partnerships:

Krystal at BBK uses and sells GMK products for natural spa facials.  And given enough notice, she can be booked along with a Facial 101 class for waxing.  Visit Leah, instagram @EthicalEsthetician and you’ll find she also uses GMK for natural facials.  Ashley from Drip Drive carries GMK products for sale and hosts Facial 101 classes regularly.  Gloria at Bomb Beauty carries a stock of GMK products.  Erica at On Next Sunday hosts Facial 101 classes plus carries stock of GMK products.  Ruben and Daisy hosts Facial 101 classes at El Paso Finest.  And the Upper Valley Farmer’s Market often has us over for Facial 101s. Let's not forget all those vendors GMK has had a pleasure to do giveaways with like, Black Alfred and The Cutting Board Guy and Fox Labyrinth.

Like me, these people take pride in the quality of care they pour out into their work because they recognize that it’s a direct reflection of who they are.  There’s no hiding behind stockholders or board members.  Just real El Pasoans believing El Paso deserves the very best.

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