Guat's the Payout?

This year, my husband and I got an amazing opportunity to take Leilani to Guatemala.  The experience was incredible.  No amount of learning in a classroom can compare to the education that comes from traveling the world, experiencing other cultures and seeing the land for all its beauty that it has to offer.  

But just as valuable as getting to know the world around me is the time I get to spend getting to know the world right next to me.  On this trip, we chose to single out Leilani to travel with us because we knew in her older age, she would appreciate it and find it memorable.  One thing I learned about her during this time is that she can read for hours.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know my kid and I know she loves to read.  But this trip surprised me in that I had no idea she could spend hours reading and with the right books, she would prefer to stay indoors reading than even going to the pool, or going to explore the streets.

If I’m honest, preparing for the trip was overwhelming and at times terrifying. I had never taken such a long international flight with a 7-year-old by myself. And before leaving there was so much work to do.  There were passports to get, sitters to find for my younger 3 kids, suitcases to pack. The total travel time was an excruciating 8 hours, which included a connecting flight.  But the payout was so worth it.  We created a memory together that all of us will cherish forever.

In that same way, starting the new collection has been a lot of work.  There’s been decisions to make, sleepless nights and just a bunch of little tasks that when piled up get to be overwhelming.  Yet I know in the end, the payout will be worth it.  I’m learning so many surprising things about myself and my family every day and creating memories of a lifetime.  The experience has been priceless. Just like the time I spend with my kids.  


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