Hello My Amazing GMK Beauties: Brace Yourself for Something Extraordinary!

Hey there, my lovely GMK family! I'm practically bursting with excitement to spill the beans on some incredible news just for you. I'm cruising through an incredible 7-month esthetician course at Inspired by Beauty Institute – talk about a beauty adventure! 🌟✨ Soooooo get ready to elevate your beauty journey like never before with my soooon to be spectacular range of esthetic services. From those enchanting lashes to the skin you adore, I'm about to introduce you to a whole new world of pampering delight. Let's jump right into the exciting preview of what's coming your way: 

Facials: Experience pure radiance with our facials, using a blend of Good Morning Kiss natural products and handmade fruit enzymes. Your skin's unique needs are our priority. Starting at $65.

High Frequency: Revitalize your skin, waving goodbye to blemishes, with our high-frequency treatment. A harmonious blend of science and nature. Starting at $80.

Dermaplaning: Reveal a smoother, rejuvenated you with dermaplaning, an exquisite exfoliation experience. Prepare to unveil natural beauty. Starting at $85.

Microdermabrasion: Renew your skin's vibrancy with microdermabrasion, utilizing the power of Good Morning Kiss natural products and fruit enzymes. Unveil your youthful glow. Starting at $95.

Vagacials: Indulge in the ultimate intimate pampering with our Vagacial treatment. Crafted to leave your delicate skin rejuvenated and refreshed. Starting at $35.

Waxing: Silky-smooth skin is calling your name! Our waxing services cater to your every need, ensuring you walk out feeling confident and hair-free. Starting at only $15.

      Eyebrow Waxing: Starting at $20

      Upper Lip Waxing: Starting at $15

      Chin Waxing: Starting at $15

      Full Face Waxing: Starting at $45

      Underarm Waxing: Starting at $20

      Arm Waxing (Full): Starting at $50

      Arm Waxing (Half): Starting at $25

      Leg Waxing (Full): Starting at $75

      Leg Waxing (Half): Starting at $45

      Bikini Waxing: Starting at $40

      Brazilian Waxing: Starting at $65

      Back Waxing: Starting at $55         

Lash Lift and Tint: Elevate your lash game with our lash lift and tint services. Achieve stunning, lifted lashes that turn heads, all without extensions. Starting at $65.

Brow Lamination: Transform your brows into a masterpiece with our brow lamination service. Craft the perfect shape and fullness you've always dreamed of. Starting at $50.


I'm beyond excited to bring these services to my GMK community, and I'm proud to exclusively feature Good Morning Kiss natural products for our facials. Prepare for a rejuvenating experience where you'll discover the radiance you've been longing for. Stay tuned as I finalize the details and eagerly await the moment to welcome you into our world of beauty, relaxation, and transformation. Your journey to self-care awaits.

For bookings and more information, DM me on Instagram @goodmorninkiss. The future of beauty is bright, and I can't wait to share it with you. See you soon, GMK beauties! 🌟💆‍♀️

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