How is GMK different?

One of my earliest memories is watching my mom’s nightly ritual as she gently spread her lotions and potions over her face and neck. We’ve all been taught from our mommas that facial care is a must. This is why many times, most ladies I meet already have some kind of facial regimen. So then, why make the switch? Here’s why:
GMK is all natural.
We use only certified organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. This means no
fragrances, chemicals or dyes.
GMK is ethical.
All our ingredients come from ethical suppliers, meaning they are environmentally,
socially and economically responsible.
GMK is convenient.
Our product kits include everything you would need for an at-home facial. Products are numbered to show order of use and steps are easy to follow.
GMK is local.
Why does being local matter? Because our products are made fresh! This ensures that our products’ quality is never compromised.
Still not sure that a switch is right for you? Well, Ladies, you’re in luck! Our Facial 101 classes allow you try all of our products while learning the best practices for taking care of your skin. Follow us on Instagram or contact us today to sign up for our next class.


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