It's About Being Ready….

I’m officially 7 pounds away from achieving the expected Covid-19; the 19-pound weight gain brought on by the pandemic quarantine, that is.  The initial mentality, is who cares?  I’m not going anywhere, not seeing anybody, not wearing anything . . . that isn’t stretchy.  (Cochinas!)  Four months in, and I am now in a state of full poundage panic!  Pants don’t fit, selfies are NOT on point, junk food cravings are uncontrollable, and I have zero motivation to do anything about it.  Can I get an Amen?  Or am I getting more of an excuse me, ahem? 

An upcoming trophy wife commitment will have me on an out of town trip with my sexy-super buff husband this week.  And suddenly, I look in the mirror and see nothing but a participation ribbon instead of a trophy.  What happened??? I’ll tell you what happened.  I have been slacking on my daily routines because of a temporary circumstance.  Covid-19 quarantine will not last forever.  At some point, all of us will have to return to work, school, the gym, all aspects of life.  And we will have to be ready.  It’s time for a reset!  Remember it’s always about starting where you are, rather than regretting where you are not.  For me, my daily routine has to begin with skin care.  All beauty must have a clear canvas as a starting point.  But not only does my daily routine improve the way I look, it also motivates me to make better choices for the rest of the day.  Like my homie Jerry Rice says, “Look good, feel good.  Feel good, play good.” 

In order for me to be ready to play good, the daily kit is my go-to.  It’s a short, easy achievable daily goal:  wash, tone, hydrate.  That’s it.  In less than 5 minutes, I’m one step closer to polishing this trophy again.








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