Lets Commit!

How long do you use a product before you decide it’s not working for you?  A week? A month?  Many times I hear, ‘I tried this new face stuff but it made me break out so I quit using it.’  Here’s the deal.  In my teens and throughout my 20s I blamed my breakouts on whatever foundation I was using at the time.  Then, I found out I have a wheat intolerance.  Now, whenever I have a beer, I know a breakout will follow.  A friend of mine experiences the same thing anytime she eats dairy.  Now, I’m not saying everyone should spit out their beer and throw out their cheese sticks.  My point is that for years, I blamed my acne on my skin products and never looked at other possible culprits.

If you’re serious about getting your skin looking and feeling healthy, ditching products every month isn’t going to do it.  I tell customers to try out GMK products for at least 6 months before they decide that it’s not for them. During those 6 months, they should take the time to look at the following:

  • Food allergies- Not all allergies exhibit themselves with hives or anaphylaxis.  Try eliminating the foods you suspect are causing your breakouts for one month. If your skin clears up, but you want further confirmation, reintroduce the food you eliminated.  Your breakouts will most likely return within a week if that food item was the cause.
  • Medication- When I’m prescribed antibiotics, I know I’m going to inevitably breakout.
  • Linens- Make sure your pillowcases are changed out or washed weekly.  If your skin is especially prone to breakouts, try using a new pillowcase every night. 
  • Seasonal allergies- If my eyes get itchy, I’m touching my face more often than usual, which can cause breakouts.
  • Dehydration- Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from your system.


  • Hello- do you sell any of the make up remover pads ?

    Natali felix

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