Prepping for an Event

Prepping for an event


A week before the event:  Hydrate and avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar and dairy.  

While there’s lots to do the week leading up to a wedding, quince, graduation party or any other celebratory event, avoid the temptation to load up on lattes for energy.  Caffeine will dry up your skin while sugar and dairy can cause breakouts.  Instead drink plenty of water and if you need an energy boost, opt for an apple.  Apples are known to fuel your body with energy while stabilizing your blood sugar, meaning you won’t get the afternoon drowsy crash.  Alcohol is also known to dry out your skin, so just wait until the actual day of your event to get plastered.

Don’t skip out on your daily routine.  Every morning you should be cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Do the same every night and add your caffeine under eye roller.


Three days before: Get a professional facial.

Say your event is on a Saturday.  Be sure to book your facial for Wednesday.  If your professional needs to do extractions, you’ll need a few days for the redness to diminish and for the glow to surface.  If you’re not already seeing a professional, I highly recommend Leah, the Ethical Esthetician @ethicalesthetician.  She’s super sweet and uses all natural products, including GMK’s original line and the Leilani Collection.

If you choose not to go the professional route, make sure you do your full at-home facial on this day.


Two days before:  Get eyebrows threaded/waxed and lashes did.

Krystal @bbkbeautybyk is my go-to professional for all my waxing needs.  While this can be done at any time the week of the event, the point is to avoid doing it the day of or even the day before.  Again, you want to avoid the redness or risk having an allergic reaction.  On this same note, don’t be tempted to try a new product the week before you have an event.  It’s best not to stray from the familiar products you already know work well with your skin.  Remember Samantha and her chemical peal in Sex in the City?  Don’t be Samantha.  At least not in that aspect.  In every other circumstance, girl, do your thing!  


Night before:  Get a full night’s rest.

There’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep when wanting to look your best for your Insta-worthy event.  


Bottom line:  Never wait for the day of an event to try to get your complexion to look its best.  Be intentional about your skin care needs and plan ahead for them.  This will ensure your skin is beautiful, radiant and glowing.




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