Rose Serum: An Appreciation Post

When I first got the idea to make all natural facial products, I pitched it to my friends so they could be my guinea pigs. Honestly though, I think they came around mostly to gossip and giggle about stuff. I don’t think they really thought I’d be able to create an entire business from the random lotions and potions I was slapping together in my kitchen.
Then I perfected my rose serum. And that’s when they really began to believe that I was onto something real. Not just a business, but a brand. To date, my Rose Serum is GMK’s most popular product. So I felt it time for an appreciation post.
Here’s why we love it:
It’s rejuvenating.
Blended with Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils, the rose serum stimulates skin cell regeneration, clearing blemishes and reducing the appearance of dark spots and scars.
It’s hydrating.
A key factor in defying aging wrinkles and keeping skin bright lies in hydration.
It’s versatile.
Use it on any skin type at night before bed, or as a primer before applying your foundation.
It’s aroma is intoxicating!
Just one drop of the therapeutic grade rose essential oil used in each bottle, which is more than enough to make this serums aroma amazing!

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