Sacrificing the now for a better tomorrow

Was it worth it?  In my youth, I’ve been known to be a splurge eater  . . . and drinker.  Yes, ladies. I know most of you have seen me as a fine wining and dining proper lady.  But let me tell you, beer is my main squeeze.  A few weeks ago at Neon Desert, unbeknownst to us, my husband and I found ourselves with VIP tickets.  This meant unlimited beer.  So, I have a mild wheat intolerance.  I know this.  I have known this for a while now.  And yet, there I was, slamming down beer after beer for two days straight.  The aftermath, though!!!  Oh man, ladies my skin paid dearly for it.  The wheat in the beer dried out my entire body, chapping my lips and making my cheeks breakout in painful cystic acne (talk about neon desert face).  And as the hangover lingered for a few days and my skin took over a week to recover, I asked myself Was it worth it? 

The answer is and always has been, no.  Sacrificing tomorrow is never worth the payout today.  Better skin care requires long-term commitment and good habits.  Glowing, healthy skin takes time to develop and in one weekend, I threw it down the drain.  How often do we need to repeat this lesson before we get it?  With everything:  time, money, diet, relationships.  Everything good in life requires time and commitment.  And it’s never worth it to throw it out for a moment of instant gratification.  Anyway, there are no mistakes in life.  Only lessons and this one is one I needed to be reminded of.

[Spritz spot treatment all over sad face]

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