The Fine Art of Mask Mixology

I’m often asked what is the secret technique behind mixing and applying the powdered activated charcoal mask?’  Being the master mixologist that I am (in fact, I’ve been called Lady Mix-a-lot . . . just now . . . by me), I know all the ins and outs of masking.  So allow me to impart my expertise:  there is no secret.  Come on, guys.  There really isn’t a master or secret technique.  The truth is it’s a simple task that we all tend to complicate.  You all have heard of the golden rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  I now introduce to you the charcoal rule: less is more.  And practice makes perfect.  Ok that’s actually two rules.  But still, it’s simple.

Once a week is all it takes.  The charcoal mask is a deep cleanser that should not be overly used.

To pour out the powder requires a gentle tap of the bottle not thepounding shake you would use to get some ketchup on your hotdog.  Tapping gently will ensure that you don’t over pour the powder, which will eliminate wastage.  Because the charcoal is so effective, a thin layer is all it takes.  Clumping it on, will not give you any added benefits and will just cause you to use up your product sooner than you should be.

When adding water, do so slowly, preferably droplets at a time, to avoid the powder dusting into the air.  

Mixing the powder with your brush should also be done slowly and gently.  Otherwise the powder will get stuck inside the bristle instead of mixing correctly with the water.

The consistency of the mask should be creamy like a tomato paste.  That’s a paste, not a sauce.

Apply evenly with your brush avoiding the entire eye area.  Charcoal does nothing for them eye bags, so no need to waste any there.  GMK’s got a coffee roll serum for that.

Allow the mask to get to about 80% dry.  Soak a wash cloth in water and wring.  Press and hold up against the skin until you feel the mask loosen, then gently wipe away.

If all of this still seems overwhelming, sign up for a Facial 101 class.  You can check my page for upcoming dates and times, or chose to host one. The most important thing to remember is that no one gets it perfect the first time. Or the second or third time. I can’t emphasize this enough.  So many girls quit on the mask because they feel they’re not doing it right the first few times they try it.  But like I said earlier, practice makes perfect.  And our skin deserves perfect.  Lady Mix-a-lot, out.








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