The inspiration behind the Leilani Collection

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that GMK’s Leilani Collection is on the brink of being released.  But the question that has come up by GMK loyalists is why change an already good thing?  It’s true, the original GMK line is awesome.  And don’t anybody worry.  It’s not going anywhere.  But the reasoning behind the Leilani collection spans over a few considerations.  

First, it’s often recommended to eat in-season fruits and vegetables, so it occurred to me that in-season essential oils would freshen up GMK’s products.  Second, the decision to launch a summer collection was inspired by my eldest daughter, Leilani.  Born June 18, 2011, Leilani is the epitome of what a summer baby should be.  She’s a vibrantly bright, colorful, perfectly tanned mermaid, free spirited and full of energy.  So it only made sense to launch her namesake collection on June 21st, the first day of summer.  

Next, GMK was birthed because of my 4 kids.  I never wanted my life’s work to be separate from my time with my kids.  I’m the youngest of 4, raised in a migrant family whose hard work was always in small businesses. Growing up, my parents would hold family meetings to ask for the kids’ input regarding business decisions.  And maybe my input never really made a huge difference, but I always remember how important it made me feel to be included.  

This is what I wanted for Leilani when I asked her what she thought about a collection named after her and for her color scheme preferences on the labels.  When she got over her initial disbelief, she couldn’t contain her excitement.  She talks about the collection all day long, with full ownership of it.  Not only that, but my husband, Salsberry, is also extremely proud to see Leilani’s involvement in something so important.  Developing this line has been truly inspirational to my family and myself.  And we hope you will find it inspiring too.



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