What is a Facial 101?

What’s Facial 101?

It’s no secret that exposure to daily pollutants and sun rays is damaging to skin’s appearance.  This is why you’re probably already washing your face twice daily and changing out your pillow cases weekly. But how often are you getting a facial?

A facial is a multistep treatment on your face that cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin more so than your daily routine.  And while everyone can benefit from getting a facial regularly, many of us are hesitant to commit to a reoccurring expense.  

That’s why GMK put together a kit with everything you need to treat yourself to an at-home facial. And for anyone unsure of what that process would look like, there’s Facial 101.

Why take a Facial 101 class

You’ll learn the proper steps and techniques for maximizing the results of an at-home facial and you get to try out all of GMK’s products.


When and where are classes held?

Anytime. Anywhere. GMK’s Facial 101 class can be setup in a home, business, or anywhere we can setup a table on a day and time that works best for you. 


How long is the class?

From setup to teardown, a Facial 101 class usually lasts about 3 hours.  The class itself is 45 mins—1 hour.


How many people make a class?

We need a minimum of 5 participants to make a class.


What’s the cost?

Registration is $25 per person.  Payment is collected all together from the host (not from individual guests).


What should I expect?

Besides having beautiful skin after your facial, you should expect the class to be like it is whenever you and your gal pals get together.  Best believe it will be super fun and full of laughs.


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