Working with Fine Lines

Being that this is a blog on a facial products page, the title “Fine Lines” may have tricked you into thinking I’d have some magical, exclusive knowledge on how to minimize or erase the appearance of fine lines on your face.  But I have a very different and specific fine line on my mind today.  It’s the fine line between wanting to be a family-orientated business owner who wants to include my kids in what I do at GMK and also wanting to be professional.

Allow me to paint a picture.  Gloria at Bomb Beauty calls me up for an order for her store.  I let her know that I can do thedelivery, but that I have ALL FOUR of my kids with me.  Always a sweetheart, Gloria responds with a ‘no problem.’  Before walking into the shop, I prep like any good mom would. I put the fear of death into these kids:  no running, jumping, climbing, hitting each other, don’t touch a thing, just sit there quietly and do absolutely nothing.

Let me just interject here that this does work.  Well, sometimes. In fact, earlier that same day, I had taken all of them to my eyelash appointment and got so many compliments on my angels and how amazing it was to see them so well-behaved just quietly sitting around a beauty salon for an hour without the slightest hint of any issue come up.

But at Bomb Beauty, all four of my angels turned into their father’s hellions.  They were running around, climbing over couches, screaming, just all around acting the fools. When I make a delivery to a local vendor, I enjoy the opportunity to shop for myself.  But I was left torn about how to react to my Tasmanian devil children.  Do I stay cool, calm and professional like a business owner should?  Or do I unleash the kraken and rain fury on them?

In the end, I had to sincerely apologize to Gloria as I herded my kiddos back out to the truck.  But as soon as I drove out of the parking lot, I lost my damn mind with them.  I was completely mortified at their clown-act behavior.  I ranted and lectured them for so long, they literally all went to sleep on that drive home.

Lying in bed at night, I replayed what happened and all the ‘should of,’ ‘could of,’ ‘would ofs.’  My kids were the biggest motivations for starting GMK and I don’t want to create compartments in my life that shut them out.  This was why I launched the Leilani Collection, to further involve my eldest daughter in GMK. But I’m also passionate about my products and want to be professional when I handle business.

This fine line is a constant balancing act on the tight-rope strung high above my 3-ring circus of a life.  But so is everything else in a woman’s life.  Beside children and careers, we gotta tame husbands and jump through hoops for our parents’ approvals.  And somewhere in between we have to carve out time for friends, costume changes, makeup applications and skincare routines. I definitely don’t have it all figured out.  But at the end of most of my days, I find myself returning to a place of gratitude.  I don’t HAVE to balance everything. I GET to.  And that’s awesome.

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