HOST a Facial 101 Class

HOST a Facial 101 Class

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Welcome to Facial 101 Class - Your Path to Radiant Skin!

Join us for an exciting and informative facial experience like no other! In this class, we will dive into the world of skincare, exploring the wonders of our seven signature homemade products. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-care, ingredient education, and skincare enlightenment!

During our 45-minute session, we will guide you through each step of a rejuvenating facial using our carefully crafted products. Our knowledgeable instructor will discuss the ingredients used in each product, shedding light on their unique properties and benefits for your skin. From the soothing Chamomile Cleanser to the refreshing Rosewater Toner, and the nourishing Rose Serum, we'll cover it all!

But it doesn't stop there! In our Facial 101 Class, we will also delve into common skin issues and how to address them effectively. You'll learn the dos and don'ts of performing a facial at home, empowering you to give yourself spa-like treatments whenever you desire that glowy, pampered feeling!

At Good Morning Kiss, we believe in the power of natural ingredients. Throughout the class, we'll emphasize the incredible benefits of using nature's treasures to nourish and revitalize your skin. From avocado oil to rosemary, our ingredients are simple yet effective, reminding us of the age-old wisdom that sometimes the best solutions are found in the basics.

As a bonus, we've set aside some time at the end of the class for you to explore and purchase any of the products you've fallen in love with. It's your opportunity to take the Good Morning Kiss experience home with you and continue the journey towards healthier, happier skin!

Please note that a minimum of five students is required to host a Facial 101 Class, ensuring an intimate and engaging experience for all participants. The class fee of $25 per person is to be paid to Good Morning Kiss by the host prior to the start of the class, making it hassle-free for you and your guests.

To book your spot or inquire further about our Facial 101 Class, simply slide into our DMs on Instagram! You can reach us at @goodmorninkiss, and our friendly team will be delighted to assist you in securing your place in this exciting skincare journey.Β 

So gather your friends and let's embark on this exciting skincare adventure together! Get ready to unleash your inner radiance and discover the beauty that lies within! Book your Facial 101 Class today and let's create a joyful and transformative experience for your skin! βœ¨πŸŒΈπŸ’†β€β™€οΈ